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Cat snacks from I love my cat: tasty, healthy and easily digestible

Snack for cats with mackerel - 100g..

Product Code: 25300

9.8 GBP / 100 g
Ex Tax: VAT (5%)text_versand

Healthy and tasty mackerel snacks for cats

If you want to give your pet a healthy treat b

Snack for cats with mackerel - 100g..

£9.49 9.8 GBP / 100 g
Ex Tax: VAT (5%) text_versand
£9.49 9.8 GBP / 100 g
Ex Tax: VAT (5%) text_versand
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Cat snacks from I love my cat: tasty, healthy and easily digestible

As a cat lover you probably know from your own experience that cats are real gourmets. Therefore, besides high-quality cat food, tasty cat snacks should not be missing from the four-legged friend's menu.

What makes good cat snacks stand out

The choice of cat snacks is huge. Unfortunately, not all available products are suitable as a healthy snack for cats. When buying them, it is therefore essential to make sure that the cat treats you choose meet the criteria of a species-appropriate diet.

Since cats are carnivores by nature, this means that cat snacks should contain a high level of high-quality animal proteins.

Furthermore, they should not contain sugar or cheap fillers, such as wheat. Because such ingredients are harmful to health and in the long run usually lead to digestive problems and intolerances.

Why you are exactly right with our cat snacks

With cat snacks from I love my cat you are choosing healthy cat treats in premium quality. Because our products contain only high-quality, natural ingredients that not only taste good for your cat, but are also good for him.

As a matter of principle, we do not use inferior raw materials such as wheat or animal and vegetable by-products. Instead, our cat snacks provide your cat with valuable animal protein from carefully selected protein suppliers, such as mackerel.

With I love my cat cat snacks you reward your cat in a healthy and appropriate way. But it's best if you convince yourself. We are sure that your quadruped will love his new cat treats.

Using cat snacks correctly

With the right cat snacks you can enrich your cat's diet in a meaningful way. But remember that even the healthiest cat treat is not the only source of nutrition.

The basis of a needs-based cat nutrition should therefore always be a high-quality, cereal-free cat food. Because only in this way your quadruped is optimally supplied with all necessary nutrients for a hopefully long and healthy cat life.

Cat snacks, on the other hand, merely provide a welcome change in the feeding bowl. They are perfectly suited, for example, as a small snack or as a reward when bringing up your cat, as well as for equipping your cat with intelligence toys, with which you can keep him busy and keep him busy.

Consider cat snacks in the amount of food

Overweight has fatal consequences for the health of a cat sooner or later. For this reason, it is important to take into account the calories consumed with cat snacks in the amount of food in main meals.

In this way it is guaranteed that the four-legged friend remains permanently slim and vital despite the enjoyment of his preferred cat treats.

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