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Insect Protein for Cats - Dry Food with Insect Protein 1.2 kg + Wet Food with Insects 6x100g + 1 Jute Bag from I love my cat

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13.24 £ / 1 Kg
Shipping weight per piece: 1,800 g

Insect protein money-saving set for environmentally conscious cat owners

As a responsible cat owner, you know that your cat is a carnivore and therefore its food must have a sufficiently high content of animal proteins. Nevertheless, it is undisputed that breeding farm animals for meat production is associated with an enormous burden on the environment.

In order to enable you to feed your cat in a way that is both species-appropriate and environmentally conscious, we have put together an economy set with our insect-based cat food.

How animal breeding pollutes the environment

More than 70 percent of all agricultural land is used for keeping livestock and growing feedstuffs such as soya. Apart from this, cattle also produce huge amounts of methane during their digestion. This greenhouse gas is known to contribute significantly to climate change.

As both the world population and the standard of living continue to grow, meat consumption and the associated environmental damage are expected to increase significantly in the coming decades.

Insect protein as an environmentally friendly alternative to meat

In contrast to classical farm animals, insects prove to be extremely frugal and resource-saving. This is especially true for the larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) which we use.

This is because the larvae require hardly any space, feed on vegetable waste and also do not produce methane. The production of our insect protein requires only a fraction of the energy needed for the same amount of protein from conventional animal sources.

This makes our insect protein the ideal environmentally friendly alternative to meat normally found in cat food.

Insects enable feeding according to need

Despite all our other efforts to achieve greater sustainability, the production of species-appropriate pet food is always a priority for us. For this reason, before we developed our cat food with insect protein, we naturally ensured that this unusual protein supplier is actually suitable for the long-term nutrition of your cat.

This is, of course, the case. In some respects, insect protein even has an advantage over real meat. It is very easy to digest and has a high biological value, so it can be optimally utilised by your four-legged friend.

In addition, insect protein is a hypoallergenic protein source that is perfectly suited to feeding nutritionally sensitive cats and can help to relieve the kidneys of your four-legged friend.

Buy environmentally friendly cat food in an inexpensive economy set

With our insect-based cat food, you are choosing environmentally friendly products that, at the same time, allow you to provide your cat with the food it needs.

You can order our food as an inexpensive economy set. The set consists of our dry and wet food with insect protein and is suitable as a complete food for the long-term nutrition of your cat.

Our economy set for environmentally conscious cat owners at a glance:

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