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IBD Set for dogs - Landgut-Schmaus 7,5 kg + Immune Powder 80g + Landgut-Happen 200g by Bellfor Dog Food

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  • Brand: Bellfor
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Bellfor special set for dogs with IBD

If your dog suffers from IBD, you may take the complaints of the quadruped under no circumstances on the light shoulder. In order to support you during the treatment, we have put together a special set for you.

The set consists of our cereal-free farm feast with insect protein, our hypoallergenic farm morsels and Bellfor Immune and is ideal for counteracting the symptoms of IBD in dogs

IBD is associated with severe symptoms in dogs

In dogs, IBD can be caused by various triggers. In addition to feed allergies and parasites, some breeds also have a genetic predisposition.

The autoimmune disease leads to a chronic inflammation of the intestines and is manifested in the form of abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting, blood in the faeces or even hair loss.

Without treatment, other organs can also be affected over time, for example inflammation of the pancreas. If your dog suffers from IBD, you should therefore act promptly and do something about the symptoms.

This is how IBD symptoms can be alleviated in dogs

IBD can't be cured. The treatment therefore concentrates on alleviating the symptoms of the disease. For this purpose, it is primarily necessary to get the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa under control and to strengthen the immune system of the dog.

The Bellfor Special Set for the Relief of IBD Symptoms in Dogs

If you want to effectively alleviate the IBD symptoms in your dog, it is essential to switch to a more digestible, gluten-free food with a compatible protein source. Our special set for dogs with IBD offers you the ideal combination of products to counteract intestinal inflammation and the associated complaints in a natural way. 

The Bellfor special set for dogs with IBD at a glance:

Feeding recommendations

The insect protein in our country estate feast and the country estate snacks has practically no allergy potential. Together with a renunciation of gluten-containing cereals, this ensures that the intestines of your four-legged friend are at rest, the inflammations are reduced and the IBD symptoms gradually diminish.

In addition, Bellfor Immune naturally helps strengthen your dog's immune system and better cope with IBD.

Your benefits in treating IBD with Bellfor:

  • Selected ingredients for high product quality
  • Without cereals for better digestibility
  • No artificial additives 
  • Insect protein as hypoallergenic protein source
  • Effective and easy to digest
  • Developed together with veterinarians
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

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