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Test winner - Bellfor grain-free dog food

Dry food with Grass-Fed Lamb & Wild Rabbit Meat - Heath feast - Heide-Schmaus - 7,5 kg

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28416

from £33.49
4.73 £ / 1 Kg


Heide-Schmaus (Heath feast) - Grass-Fed Lamb & Wild Rabbit Meat - Grain-Free - 7,5 kg

Grain-free extruded dry dog food

Selected meat, freshly-picked vegetables and natural ingredients make our Münsterländer Heide-Schmaus (Heath feast) so delicious, valuable and easily digestible.

Bellfor’s Münsterländer Heide-Schmaus (Heath feast) formula was created by dog nutrition experts with much love, utmost care and according to current scientific knowledge. Our food will thus meet the expectation of all dog owners, who place great value on a natural and healthy diet for their dog. Fibre from different ingredients stimulate digestion and are therefore very important for a healthy intestinal system. In addition, prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) provide a good food source for the good and useful intestinal bacteria (bifidobacteria). Together they promote digestion and the absorption of nutrients. The balanced mix of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in combination with optimally recoverable chelated zinc helps to prevent hair loss and itching and promotes healthy skin with a gorgeous shiny coat.

Our meats are like the natural meat and protein sources of the wolf.

They are of food quality and contain no meat scraps:

  • 70% animal protein
  • 30% protein in fruit and vegetables
  • 0% protein from grain
  • 70% fresh meat (grass-fed lamb meat: 42.5%, wild rabbit meat: 27.5%)


Lamb (dried), sweet potatoes, sweet potato flour, peas (ground), poultry fat, pea protein, whole egg, rabbit (dried), tomatoes (ground), carob, carrots (ground), salmon oil, alfalfa, cranberry, inulin (source for FOS), flax seed oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, yucca schidigera powder.

from £33.49 4.73 £ / 1 Kg

Cold-pressed dry food with chicken - Wiesen-Schmaus - 10 kg

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28432

from £59.49
6.15 £ / 1 Kg

Wiesen-Schmaus - Chicken - grain-free cold-pressed - 10 kg

  • Grain-free dry dog food obtained by the cold press procedure
  • Very digestible, only one protein source
  • With the extra portion of fresh meat, added to the final production step for even more flavour
  • Chicken meat with valuable nutrients
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • High content of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Prebiotics increase the efficiency of the immune system
  • 74% chicken protein
  • Food quality, without meat scraps
  • Ideal for food sensitive dogs
  • Long, thin and soft croquette, approx. 1cm in size


Chicken (fresh chicken & dried chicken), potatoes, potato flour, peas (ground), poultry fat, linseed, sweet potatoes (ground), salmon oil, brewer‘s yeast, whole egg, apple (ground), cranberry, inulin (FOS), tomato (ground), echinacea, yucca schidigera powder, glucosamine, chondroitin.

from £59.49 6.15 £ / 1 Kg
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We are proud to present grain-free dog food, our test winner in the dog food test.

Our Heath-Feast (extruded) and our Meadow-Feast (cold-pressed) have received awards from the online portal www.hundefuttertests.net!

Here, too there were Bellfor test winners: