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Bellfor products for dog care and protection

Economy set for intestinal activation in dogs

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 100048

£31.49 £34.61
136.91 £ / 1 Kg

Bellfor saver set for boosting dogs' digestion

A well functioning digestive tract and a balanced intestinal flora are crucial for your dog's well-being.

Our nutrition experts have therefore put together a very special saver set with suitable products to optimise the intestinal microbiome and promote healthy digestion of dogs.

Recognising and alleviating intestinal problems in dogs early

An imbalanced intestinal flora and the associated digestive problems are not uncommon in dogs and can have numerous causes. They can occur, among other things, after surgery, due to treatment with antibiotics or as a result of ongoing physical stress.

In order to avoid serious health consequences and to improve your dog's well-being, it is important that you act promptly if its intestinal flora is out of balance and digestive problems such as heartburn, flatulence or diarrhoea occur.

Natural support for a healthy intestinal microbiota

Bellfor Gastro Activia is a natural food supplement that we have especially developed to optimise the intestinal flora in dogs and to bring it back into balance, for example after treatment with antibiotics or under high stress.

Promoting healthy digestion naturally

Shiimun Gastro is an easily digestible food supplement based on shiitake. Due to its carefully balanced composition of ingredients such as sage and turmeric, the preparation is ideal for promoting healthy digestion in dogs and counteracting symptoms such as flatulence and heartburn.

Order a set for boosting your dog's digestion at a discounted price

Bellfor Gastro Activia and Shiimun Gastro are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. Both food supplements are very wholesome and easy to dose.

Order both products as a discounted saver set and support your dog's intestinal microbiota and digestion with our tried and tested solutions made from natural ingredients.

Our saver set for boosting your dog's digestion at a glance:

 Economy set for intestinal activation in dogs
£31.49 £34.61 136.91 £ / 1 Kg

Coat care for dogs - Dog Shampoo Care - replenishing and nourishing - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28542

65.96 £ / 1 L

Dog Shampoo Care

Replenishing and nourishing dog shampoo Care from Bellfor

Frequent baths put a strain on your dog's skin and fur and can therefore cause various problems. However, dirt cannot always be removed just with a damp cloth. Sometimes it is unavoidable to give the dog a bath. If the dog shampoo has moisturising and nourishing properties, you can do this in a gentle way and avoid damage to the skin and fur.

The appropriate dog shampoo for your four-legged friend.

If you give your dog a bath, it is essential that you use a shampoo that is particularly designed for dogs, as care products for humans contain various ingredients that can lead to skin irritations and intolerances. 

Apart from that, you should also make sure that the shampoo suits your dog's individual needs. Some dogs, for example, require a shampoo with particularly moisturising and replenishing ingredients.

Why Bellfor dog shampoo is the perfect choice

Our dog shampoo Care with replenishing and nourishing properties is free from chemicals. Instead, natural surfactants ensure gentle cleansing which does not unnecessarily stress your four-legged friend's skin and coat.

In addition, carefully selected oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and argan oil, as well as premium ingredients like honey and camomile achieve a moisturising and nourishing effect. Therefore our dog shampoo is ideal for all dogs whose skin and coat are particularly stressed.

The advantages of our replenishing and nourishing dog shampoo at a glance:

  • Contains high-quality oils for a nourishing effect
  • Selected ingredients for skin-friendly cleansing
  • Free from chemicals with natural surfactants
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Chemicals free

£16.49 65.96 £ / 1 L

Coat care for dogs - Dry Dog Shampoo for dry coat - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28541

52.47 £ / 1 L

Gentle dog shampoo Dry for dogs with a dry coat

Although baths should not be part of your dog's daily grooming, they cannot always be avoided if the fur is heavily soiled. Our dog shampoo for dogs with dry coats are ideal to ensure particularly gentle cleaning.

Customised grooming with the right shampoo for your dog

If you have to give your dog a bath, it is important to use suitable grooming products. First and foremost, you must avoid using your own care products, since these often contain ingredients that can considerably damage you four-legged friend's skin and fur.

However, it is also important to choose a dog shampoo that suits your dog's needs. For example, many dogs tend to have dry fur, which has to be considered when buying dog shampoo.

Why our dog shampoo for dry coats is the right choice

Our mission is to continuously offer you high-quality and well tolerated products. This is also true for our dog shampoo for dry coats. The shampoo is free from artificial fragrance and other chemicals that can lead to intolerances and irritations of the skin.

Instead, we believe in natural surfactants and a balanced blend of high-quality ingredients, such as olive oil and coconut oil, which make our dog shampoo the perfect choice for dogs with a dry coat.

The main advantages of our shampoo for dogs with a dry coat at a glance:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Free from artificial fragrance and other chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal for dogs with a dry coat
  • Gentle cleaning without irritations
  • Chemicals free

£13.12 52.47 £ / 1 L

Coat care for dogs - Shiny Dog Shampoo for shiny coat - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28540

52.47 £ / 1 L

Bellfor dog shampoo Shiny for a shiny coat

Shiny Dog Shampoo

Ideally, dogs should only have a bath if there is no other way to remove dirt from their fur, since frequent baths pose an unnecessary strain on their skin and fur. Our dog shampoo for a shiny coat is perfectly suited for this purpose, since it is free from chemicals and gentle on the skin.

Optimal grooming with the appropriate dog shampoo

If you have to give your dog a bath, you must not use your own shampoo. The ingredients of conventional shampoos can lead to unpleasant skin irritations and can damage the natural protective layer of the skin and fur.

Instead, opt for a suitable product, such as our Shiny dog shampoo for a shiny coat, which can be used to clean your four-legged friend's fur thoroughly, without the risk of developing problems like irritations or intolerances.

What makes our dog shampoo for a shiny coat special

Just like our dog food, our dog shampoo is also free from chemicals. Instead, we only use natural surfactants and other carefully selected ingredients, which ensure particularly gentle cleansing. 

Fun, gentle bathing for your dog

You can have confidence that our dog shampoo for a shiny coat will easily remove all dirt and impurities from your dog's fur, while its high-quality ingredients such as olive oil and honey keep the skin of your four-legged friend moisturised and give its coat a dazzling shine after the bath.

The main advantages of our dog shampoo for a shiny coat at a glance:

  • Outstanding skin-friendliness
  • Free from artificial fragrances or other chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal formula for a shiny coat
  • Developed for gentle grooming
  • Chemicals free

£13.12 52.47 £ / 1 L

Complete-Snack ZEComplete Set for dogs - 3x150g

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28496_3

84.95 £ / 1 Kg

Order Bellfor ZEComplete at the special offer price in the shop

The tick season has long since begun. Take the risk of tick bites for your dog seriously and protect your four-legged friend with ZEComplete from Bellfor. For a short time, you can get our new Complete-Snack ZEComplete with the improved recipe at a special price.

Complete-Snack ZEComplete - Bites for dogs - 150g

New design & improved recipe.

Due to multiple customer requests, we have improved the recipe and shape of the bites.

Don't worry - they taste at least as delicious as before.

Bellfor Complete-Snack ZEComplete are the perfect reward.

It all depends on the right composition

Bellfor Complete-Snack ZEComplete contain various natural raw materials with a high concentration of lauric acid. This is achieved by adding the fat of the larva of the black soldier fly. This contains over 60% lauric acid.

Bellfor Complete-Snack ZEComplete - the ideal supplement for dogs

Bellfor Complete-Snack ZEComplete are produced in a gentle process. This process ensures that very important nutrients and vitamins are retained during the production of Bellfor Soft Bites.

The advantages of Complete-Snack ZEComplete at a glance:

  • Chemical-free
  • Very well tolerated due to natural ingredients
  • Made using the cold-pressing process
  • With insect protein
  • Ideal for dogs with food intolerances
  • Soft consistency
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Easy to portion due to the snack form
  • Suitable for puppies
  • Also suitable for cats

    Our Bellfor Complete snack ZEComplete has a very low purine content (17.05 mg / 100 g).

Complete-Snack ZEComplete Set for dogs - 3x150g
£50.97 84.95 £ / 1 Kg

Dental care products for dogs - Dental Spray - 100ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28551

123.45 £ / 1 L

Bellfor Dental Spray - for dogs with naturally clean teeth

It is very important to maintain adequate dental care in dogs, just like in humans. Our Dental Spray is an easy-to-use product which we have developed for this purpose.

Was makes Bellfor dental spray so unique?

Your dog needs good teeth in order to maintain its general health. It is therefore essential to remove plaque regularly and prevent the build up of tartar. With our dental spray you can clean your dog's teeth in a gentle way.

Unlike many other dental care products for dogs, Bellfor Dental Spray is completely free from chemicals. The spray contains selected natural ingredients such as chamomile-, sage-, lemon balm- and peppermint extract. This makes it particularly well tolerated and also suitable for the dental care of animals with food intolerances

Dental Spray

Why Bellfor Dental Spray is the right choice

The special composition of Bellfor Dental Spray ensures that your dog's teeth are gently cleaned and contributes to the health of its gums.

The calcium chloride contained in the spray strengthens the dog's tooth enamel, while ingredients such as peppermint extract help to reliably eliminate unpleasant odours in your four-legged friend's mouth and ensure that its breath is pleasantly fresh.

Bellfor Dental Spray is very easy to use. You can simply spray it directly into your dog's mouth. With the help of our dental spray, you can remove plaque from your four-legged friend's teeth without tedious and time-consuming tooth brushing. It effectively counteracts the formation of stubborn tartar and the associated consequences for dental health.

The advantages of Bellfor Dental Spray at a glance:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Chemical-free formula
  • Effective care for your dog's teeth
  • Reliably removes plaque
  • Contains calcium chloride for strong tooth enamel
  • Counteracts bad breath
  • Contributes to healthy gums
  • Suitable for animals with food intolerances
  • Simple use
  • No toothbrush necessary

Dental care products for dogs - Dental Spray - 100ml
£12.35 123.45 £ / 1 L

Dog shampoo Myko-Health - for dogs with skin fungus - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28547

74.55 £ / 1 L

Bellfor Myko-Health dog shampoo for fungal skin infections

Fungal skin infections can be triggered by various dermatophytes in dogs. Timely treatment is important, not least because of the fact that fungal infections are very contagious.

Myko-Health is a shampoo we have developed for the ideal care of dogs in conjunction with appropriate antifungal treatment.

Fungal skin infections are highly unpleasant for dogs

A fungal skin infection in dogs can not only lead to severe itching and skin inflammation, but also to circular hair loss, whereby scaling can occur on the reddened, bald patches.

Skin fungus is extremely contagious. It is transmitted through fungal spores that get onto the dog's body and can spread there very quickly.

Timely treatment of affected animals is very important. Topical preparations as well as antimycotics that are administered to the dog as an injection or orally are frequently used therapies.

Bellfor Myko-Health dog shampoo for gentle care during therapy

The treatment of a fungal skin infection can take several weeks. In order to prevent re-infection, it is important to free the dog's environment from fungal spores through extensive hygiene measures.

Apart from that, we recommend therapy-accompanying care with our dog shampoo Myko-Health. High-quality oils such as olive oil and coconut oil as well as natural surfactants ensure that our shampoo does not put additional strain on the already stressed skin of your dog.

Furthermore, Bellfor Myko-Health dog shampoo contains 0.3 percent climbazole, which is known to have a fungistatic and antifungal effect and is therefore also found in anti-dandruff shampoos for humans.

Advantages of our Myko-Health dog shampoo at a glance:

  • Good skin tolerance
  • Free from artificial fragrances
  • Easy to use
  • With 0.3% climbazole
  • Gentle cleansing of stressed skin
  • Perfect for therapy-accompanying care

Direction for use: Moisten the coat, apply the shampoo evenly and rinse. Repeat the process and let the dog shampoo soak into the fur for between 5 and 10 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly with clear water. Start with two weekly applications. After that, it is sufficient to use the shampoo once a week.

Dog shampoo Myko-Health - for dogs with skin fungus - 250ml
£18.64 74.55 £ / 1 L

Dog shampoo Pyo-Health - for dogs with bacterial skin infections - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28546

74.55 £ / 1 L

Bellfor Pyo-Health dog shampoo for dogs with bacterial skin infections

Pyoderma is a bacterial skin infection in dogs, usually caused by Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, which should be treated professionally as soon as possible.

With Bellfor Pyo-Health we have developed a special dog shampoo that you can use for the therapy-accompanying care of your dog.

Pyoderma causes unpleasant symptoms

Dogs with pyoderma suffer from severe itching. In addition, there are various skin changes such as redness, scaling and crusting, which occur especially on parts of the body with little hair.

Possible causes that can impair the natural defences of the dog's skin and thus promote pyoderma include, for example, allergies, an infestation with skin parasites or hormonal disorders.

In order to counteract the symptoms, a timely visit to the vet, where the cause is determined and the appropriate treatment measures are determined, is indispensable.

Bellfor Pyo-Health dog shampoo for therapy-accompanying care

Depending on the cause and severity of the pyoderma, either the administration of antibiotics or the use of shampoos containing antibiotics is usually necessary.

In addition, we recommend using Bellfor Pyo-Health dog shampoo to accompany the therapy. The shampoo consists of natural surfactants as well as carefully selected, high-quality oils, such as olive oil and coconut oil, to ensure the gentlest possible application.

In addition, Bellfor's Pyo-Health dog shampoo contains three percent chlorhexidine, which is known to have an antibacterial effect and is therefore also used in various hygiene products for humans.

The most important advantages of our Pyo-Health shampoo for dogs at a glance:

  • Skin-friendly composition
  • Without artificial fragrances
  • Easy to use
  • With 3 % chlorhexidine
  • Ideal for therapy-accompanying care
  • Gentle cleansing of stressed dog skin

Application: Apply the shampoo to the previously moistened coat, massage in evenly and rinse out. Repeat this process, leaving the shampoo to work for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Start with two applications per week, which you can then reduce to one application per week.

Dog shampoo Pyo-Health - for dogs with bacterial skin infections - 250ml
£18.64 74.55 £ / 1 L

Dog Shampoo Vermin Health - against skin parasites in dogs - 250ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28548

74.55 £ / 1 L

Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo: the natural solution against skin parasites in dogs

An infestation with parasites is extremely unpleasant for dogs and often associated with massive skin problems. With Bellfor Vermin Health you can gently counteract annoying skin parasites in your dog.

Skin parasites are common in dogs

Ectoparasites such as fleas and mites are common in dogs. Many owners therefore know from their own experience the discomfort that parasite infestations can cause dogs. In the warmer months of the year, ticks and the diseases they transmit also pose a serious threat to the health of dogs.

Conventional remedies against parasites often have risks

Effective parasite prophylaxis and prompt treatment of an existing infestation are very important for the health and well-being of your dog. Unfortunately, however, many preparations available for this purpose also pose a risk to the animal due to the active ingredients they contain.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress on your dog's organism due to chemical active ingredients, it therefore makes sense to rely on natural alternatives such as Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo whenever possible.

Why you are right with Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo

Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo is a special care product made from natural ingredients. The chemical-free composition of the shampoo ensures optimal skin tolerance. At the same time, the special formula ensures high effectiveness against ticks, fleas and mites as well as their larvae and clutches.

The ingredients of our Vermin Health Shampoo include natural surfactants as well as selected oils and fats, such as insect fat, and margosa extract.

Insect fat: The insect fat extracted from the larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) is characterised by its particularly high content of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid known for its repellent (deterrent) effect on ectoparasites. As a result, lauric acid plays a decisive role in counteracting skin parasites in an environmentally friendly and skin-friendly way.

Margosa extract: Margosa extract is obtained from components of the neem tree. However, it is not neem oil, but a completely different natural substance. Similar to lauric acid, margosa extract also has a strong repellent effect on vermin such as mites, ticks and fleas. The high-quality, natural extract thus also makes a decisive contribution to Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo reliably counteracting infestations with skin parasites.

Combat skin parasites with natural active ingredients

Rely on the proven effectiveness of our natural shampoo to fight ectoparasites. Carefully selected ingredients ensure optimal effectiveness without exposing your dog to additional risks from chemical products.

The most important advantages of Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo at a glance:

  • Fragrance- and chemical-free composition
  • With high-quality, caring ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin
  • Proven effectiveness thanks to lauric acid and margosa extract
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable against ticks, mites and fleas

Dog Shampoo Vermin Health - against skin parasites in dogs - 250ml
£18.64 74.55 £ / 1 L

Food set for large dog breeds with intestinal parasites

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 100043

£36.49 £40.02
8.94 £ / 1 Kg

Food set for large dog breeds with intestinal parasites

When dogs have blood in their stool or bloody diarrhoea, it is often due to an infestation with intestinal parasites, such as worms. We have therefore put together a suitable food set for large dogs with worms, which you can buy here at a special price.

Wholesome dry food for large dogs

Regardless of any worm infections you may have, it is of course very important that you feed your dog a good dog food that meets his needs. As the owner of a large dog, our Wiesen-Schmaus dry dog food is exactly what you need.

Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus contains neither cereals nor artificial flavourings and preservatives. Instead, the food is characterised by its particularly high meat content and other carefully selected ingredients. You can therefore be sure that your dog gets all the important nutrients in the right quantities.

Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus is also a cold-pressed dry food. This means that the kibble swells comparatively little in the dog's stomach, which reduces the increased risk of life-threatening gastritis in large breeds.

Counteracting worms in dogs naturally

Bellfor Vermal is a natural solution for dogs with intestinal parasites. Unlike a classic worming cure, our Vermal powder is easy to digest. It does not put unnecessary strain on your dog's organism and does not cause the development of resistance, even with regular use.

You can use Bellfor's Vermal Powder both to treat an existing worm infection and for regular parasite prophylaxis. The special composition of the natural food supplement guarantees a reliable effect that is sure to convince you too.

Buy food set for large dogs with worm infections at a special price

If you value good quality when feeding your large dog and at the same time are looking for a natural alternative for worming, this food set is just right for you. Order the savings set with our cold-pressed Wiesen-Schmaus and Bellfor Vermal cheaply from our shop and rely on the proven quality of Bellfor when it comes to dog nutrition in the future. We are sure that your dog will love his new food.

The food set for large dogs with worm infestation at a glance:

Food set for large dog breeds with intestinal parasites
£36.49 £40.02 8.94 £ / 1 Kg

Food set for medium-sized dogs with intestinal parasites

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 100045

£29.49 £32.73
11.43 £ / 1 Kg

Feeding set for medium-sized dogs with intestinal parasites

If your dog has blood in the stool or bloody diarrhoea, this is often caused by intestinal parasites such as worms. We have put together a special food set with matching products from Bellfor for medium-sized dogs with a worm infection, which you can order on this page at a special price.

Grain-free dry food for medium-sized dogs

A diet that meets the needs of dogs with intestinal parasites with a high-quality dog food is of course also of crucial importance. Bellfor Freiland-Schmaus is the perfect choice for owners of medium-sized breeds.

The food is free from cereals and artificial preservatives and flavourings. Instead, a meat content of 70 percent chicken ensures that your four-legged friend is optimally supplied with important animal proteins. Other selected ingredients such as vegetables and salmon oil ensure good digestibility and also contribute to the irresistible taste of the dry food.

Fight intestinal parasites naturally

Bellfor Vermal is our natural alternative to combat intestinal parasites in dogs. In contrast to conventional worming treatments, this digestible preparation does not place an unnecessary burden on the organism. In addition, the formation of resistances is excluded even with regular use.

Bellfor Vermal is suitable both for counteracting an existing worm infestation and for use as part of parasite prophylaxis. Thanks to its carefully balanced composition, the natural food supplement scores with a high level of effectiveness that is sure to delight you too.

Order food set for medium-sized dogs with worms at a reasonable price

If you want to feed your medium-sized dog a balanced diet and at the same time counteract a worm infestation, this food set is the perfect choice. Buy the set with Freiland-Schmaus dry food and Bellfor Vermal at a bargain price in our shop and rely on species-appropriate products in premium quality when feeding your dog in future. We have no doubt that your four-legged friend will be delighted with his new Bellfor dog food.

The savings set for medium-sized dogs with worms at a glance:

Food set for medium-sized dogs with intestinal parasites
£29.49 £32.73 11.43 £ / 1 Kg

Food set for small dogs with intestinal parasites

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 100044

£28.49 £31.62
11.49 £ / 1 Kg

Food set for small dogs with intestinal parasites

Bloody diarrhoea or blood in the faeces is often a symptom of an infestation with worms or other intestinal parasites in dogs. For this reason, we have put together a food set with matching products from Bellfor especially for small dogs with worm infections, which you can buy at a special price if required.

Grain-free wet food for small dogs

Of course, regardless of any worm infestation you may have, you must always give your dog a balanced diet and ensure that the nutrients it needs are provided with a high-quality dog food. As the owner of a small dog, you will make exactly the right choice with our free-range menu.

Bellfor's free-range menu is a grain-free wet food without artificial flavours or preservatives. The food is characterised by its high meat content and other selected ingredients. Thanks to its carefully balanced recipe, our free-range menu is very digestible and particularly tasty for your dog.

Natural help for worm infections

Conventional dewormers often put a considerable strain on dogs' bodies. For this reason, we have developed our Vermal powder, an easily digestible alternative made from natural ingredients.

In contrast to classic preparations, Bellfor Vermal does not burden the organism of your four-legged friend and does not lead to the formation of resistances, even when administered several times. You can use the food supplement for regular parasite prophylaxis or as a natural alternative for treating an existing worm infestation.

Buy food set for small dogs with worms at a special price

If you want to feed your small dog a species-appropriate diet in the future and at the same time are looking for a natural solution against intestinal parasites, you are exactly right with this set. Buy the food set with Bellfor free-range menu and our wholesome Vermal powder at a low price online and rely on the tried and tested quality of Bellfor when feeding your four-legged friend.

Our food set for small dog breeds with intestinal parasites at a glance:

Food set for small dogs with intestinal parasites
£28.49 £31.62 11.49 £ / 1 Kg

Grass mites set for dogs

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 40015

£30.57 £36.16
109.18 £ / 1 L

Natural help against grass mites in dogs at a low price

During the warm months of the year, grass mites are a common problem for dogs. For this reason, we have put together a special savings set for you to fight these annoying parasites.

Grass mites cause severe itching

If a dog is attacked by the larvae of the autumn grass mite, this leads to severe itching. Excessive licking and scratching often leads to small wounds and skin inflammation.

Although grass mites, unlike other parasites, do not transmit diseases, it is therefore important that you counteract the infestation promptly and protect your dog from the tiny parasites in a gentle manner.

Anti-Grass Mite Spray from Bellfor

Many anti-parasite remedies contain chemical agents that can harm not only the parasite but also your dog. With Bellfor Anti-Grass Mite Spray we have therefore developed a gentle alternative.

The spray consists exclusively of natural ingredients, such as neem oil and insect grease. With its special composition, this high-quality care product reliably ensures that your dog's body odour has a repulsive effect on grass mites.

At the same time, you can be sure that even daily use does not unnecessarily burden the health of your four-legged friend and that there are no undesirable side effects.

Gentle skin care with Bellfor Liegeschwielen Ointment

Infestation with grass mites and the scratching that goes along with it can put considerable strain on your dog's skin. Reddening or even inflammation and minor wounds are not uncommon in affected animals.

To counteract this, it is important that you pay sufficient attention to your dog's skin care. With Bellfor Liegeschwielen Ointment you can do this particularly reliably.

The rich ointment with high-quality ingredients such as calendula and beeswax is ideal for counteracting problems such as skin irritation and small cracks in your dog's skin.

Our saving set against grass mites in dogs at a glance:

Grass mites set for dogs
£30.57 £36.16 109.18 £ / 1 L
£30.57 £36.16 109.18 £ / 1 L

Important products for your dog travel pharmacy as a low-priced savings set

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 100049

£78.49 £86.88
212.14 £ / 1 Kg

Essential products for your dog's first aid kit as a discounted saver set

If you take your dog on a holiday, it is important that you not only take care of your own first-aid kit, but also remember your dog's supply.

To make this easier for you, we have put together a convenient set with special products from our range, which you can order on this page at a reduced price.

Rapid relief for dogs with diarrhoea

It is not uncommon for dogs to suffer from diarrhoea. Stress, which can hardly be avoided while travelling, makes your four-legged friend particularly susceptible to it. For this reason, Bellfor Gastro Relax should not be missing from your dog's first-aid kit. The natural food supplement quickly and reliably counteracts diarrhoea in your four-legged friend thanks to its carefully balanced composition.

Effective parasite prevention free from chemical ingredients

Depending on the travel destination, the risk of a tick infestation and thus the probability of infection with dangerous pathogens can increase significantly. Bellfor ZEComplete Spray is the ideal choice for the optimal protection of your dog. In contrast to many other tick repellents, the easy-to-use spray is free from chemical agents. As a result, the use of Bellfor ZEComplete is not associated with any health risks for your dog, despite its high effectiveness.

Gentle care for eyes and ears

Itchy, dry or watery eyes and earache can occur in dogs even when on holidays. With eye care drops and ear care drops from Bellfor you are well prepared for this eventuality. These natural products allow you to gently clean and care for your dog's eyes and ears thanks to their special composition of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients.

Extra rich protection for dogs' paws

Be it the hot sand on the beach or a long hike through natural terrain - your dog's paws are often exposed to considerable stresses and strains while on holiday. In order to counteract problems such as minor wounds or cracked and dry skin, it is advisable to pay extra attention to the care of the dog's paws on holiday. Thanks to its special composition of high-quality ingredients such as beeswax and insect fat, Bellfor Paw Protection Ointment is perfect for this purpose.

Order Bellfor products for your dog's first aid kit as a saver set

Don't miss out and order the above mentioned products as a convenient saver set at a special price for a well-stocked first-aid kit so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday with your dog.

Our saver set for your dog's first aid kit at a glance:

Important products for your dog travel pharmacy as a low-priced savings set
£78.49 £86.88 212.14 £ / 1 Kg

Saver set for your dog's effective dental care

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28556

115.98 £ / 1 Kg

Saver set for your dog's effective dental care

Healthy teeth are essential for the well-being of your dog. In order to support you with your dog's dental care in the best way possible, we have put together a saver set with our innovative products for the effective cleaning of your dog's teeth. You can order the set on this page at a discounted price.

Tartar is a common problem in dogs

If food residues are not removed from the dog's teeth in a timely manner, they will first turn into plaque and then into tartar. This is not only a cosmetic problem, but can also be the beginning of other unpleasant problems, such as painful gum inflammation.

Tartar can usually only be removed from dogs' teeth through professional dental cleaning by a veterinarian. This is very expensive, and the required general anaesthetic represents a considerable burden on your four-legged friend's organism.

We therefore strongly recommend that you clean your dog's teeth regularly. With our dental care products you can do this particularly thoroughly and without spending a lot of time.

Dental Set

Why Bellfor dental care products are the right choice

Our team of experts has developed various effective solutions for dogs' daily dental care. The individual Bellfor Dental products ideally complement each other and ensure the reliable cleaning of your dog's teeth without the use of a toothbrush.

Bellfor Dental Powder contains Ascophyllum nodosum algae. Certain components of the algae are absorbed through the blood and ensure that special enzymes are formed in the dog's saliva. These loosen plaque and can thus counteract the formation of tartar on your four-legged friend's teeth.

Bellfor Dental Sticks also contain Ascophyllum nodosum algae. In addition, the firm texture of the chewing sticks ensures that existing plaque is removed mechanically as well. Thanks to the grain-free recipe and the hypoallergenic insect protein derived from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens), the easily digestible dental sticks are also ideal for nutrition-sensitive dogs.

Bellfor Dental Spray contains calcium chloride to strengthen the tooth enamel and other ingredients such as peppermint extract, with which you can reliably eliminate your dog's bad breath. The spray is the ideal addition to Bellfor Dental Powder and Dental Sticks and promotes the health of gums and teeth in a natural way.

Order Bellfor dental care products as a set and save money

Don't leave your dog's dental health to chance. Order our tried and tested solutions for the dental care as a convenient set at a discounted price and from now on clean your four-legged friend's teeth efficiently and without using a tooth brush.

Our dental care saver set for dogs at a glance:

Saver set for your dog's effective dental care
£32.48 115.98 £ / 1 Kg
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To make your four-legged friend healthy and happy, all we need is just good food and regular walks. But in any case you should care for your dog. Because proper care of the dog helps to support your dog’s health and protect the pet from infestation, such as ticks and skin issues because of them.

With purely natural Bellfor dog care, the dog owners have an opportunity to make an act of kindness for their pet. The absence of any harmful or artificial supplements contained in many dog care products makes our care products totally harmless.

Nevertheless, the selected materials provide high efficiency and safety, which are actually necessary for the dog.

Currently, our dog care and protection product range includes three different products:

• Bellfor anti-tick spray

• Bellfor anti-tick biscuits

• Bellfor paws protection ointment

Bellfor anti-tick products

Ticks pose a serious threat to dogs’ health, being the cause of countless dangerous diseases, such as Lyme disease and babesiosis. Some tick bites left unattended and untreated can lead to fatal outcome.

That is why, during the period from March to October, it is advisable to use tick protection products. However, the problem is that many of the available products not only protect against ticks, but at the same time are destructive to health. The pesticides contained in the products can cause both acute and chronic diseases in humans and animals.

So we developed a natural alternative, Bellfor Anti-Ticks. There is the high content of lauric acid in fats and oils of sump action (coconut oil, insect fat, milk thistle and black seed oil). This medium-chain fatty acid has a deterrent effect on ticks. Therefore Bellfor Anti-Ticks Spray is an effective and safe protection for dogs without side effects. If necessary, you can give the dog Bellfor Anti-Tick biscuits.

Bellfor paws protection ointment 

In winter, low temperatures, humidity, ice and snow create a heavy load on the dogs’ paws. The appearance of skin little injuries or crevice on the dogs’ paws is not unusual. Rollsplit and road salt further exacerbate an issue even more.

If you want your pet to have fun during the winter, you should pay enough attention to caring for its paws. In addition to cleaning the paws after walking, it is necessary to trim fur and hair on the paws in the cold season, this prevents the sticking and jamming of ice on them.

Besides that, you regularly lubricate the paws with cream. Bellfor paws protection ointment offers the perfect combination of active ingredients. Insect fat, calendula, beeswax and other ingredients have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, moisturize and render the skin regeneration support. Our paws protection ointment is an ideal product for paws care in the winter.

Bellfor dog care: natural is better

The core of Bellfor dog care products is the approach of using natural alternatives, the effectiveness of which can easily keep up with conventional means of care. At the same time, you avoid unwanted side effects. Try it. We are confident that our dog care products will convince you as well.