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Natural Remedies for Grass Mites from Bellfor

Grass mites set for dogs

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 40015

£30.57 £36.16
109.18 £ / 1 L

Natural help against grass mites in dogs at a low price

During the warm months of the year, grass mites are a common problem for dogs. For this reason, we have put together a special savings set for you to fight these annoying parasites.

Grass mites cause severe itching

If a dog is attacked by the larvae of the autumn grass mite, this leads to severe itching. Excessive licking and scratching often leads to small wounds and skin inflammation.

Although grass mites, unlike other parasites, do not transmit diseases, it is therefore important that you counteract the infestation promptly and protect your dog from the tiny parasites in a gentle manner.

Anti-Grass Mite Spray from Bellfor

Many anti-parasite remedies contain chemical agents that can harm not only the parasite but also your dog. With Bellfor Anti-Grass Mite Spray we have therefore developed a gentle alternative.

The spray consists exclusively of natural ingredients, such as neem oil and insect grease. With its special composition, this high-quality care product reliably ensures that your dog's body odour has a repulsive effect on grass mites.

At the same time, you can be sure that even daily use does not unnecessarily burden the health of your four-legged friend and that there are no undesirable side effects.

Gentle skin care with Bellfor Liegeschwielen Ointment

Infestation with grass mites and the scratching that goes along with it can put considerable strain on your dog's skin. Reddening or even inflammation and minor wounds are not uncommon in affected animals.

To counteract this, it is important that you pay sufficient attention to your dog's skin care. With Bellfor Liegeschwielen Ointment you can do this particularly reliably.

The rich ointment with high-quality ingredients such as calendula and beeswax is ideal for counteracting problems such as skin irritation and small cracks in your dog's skin.

Our saving set against grass mites in dogs at a glance:

Grass mites set for dogs
£30.57 £36.16 109.18 £ / 1 L
£30.57 £36.16 109.18 £ / 1 L

Anti-grass mite spray - Anti-Grasmilben-Spray - 250 ml

Brand: Bellfor

Product Code: 28498

from £17.15
85.02 £ / 1 L

Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) spray for dogs - the natural alternative to grass mites

Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) Spray supports the natural defence against grass mites. The special composition ensures that the dog's body odor is changed and thus repels grass mites.

It depends on the right composition

Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) Spray contains various natural raw materials that contain a high concentration of lauric acid.

This is achieved by adding the fat of the black soldier fly larvae. It contains over 60% lauric acid.

In combination with neem oil and frankincense oil, Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) Spray is the ideal, natural alternative to parasite defence.


Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) spray for dogs - the ideal alternative for dogs

Our Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) Spray is a purely natural product without chemical additives.

It is equally suitable for spraying the dog's immediate surroundings (e.g. sleeping area, resting place etc.) or for spraying the coat directly.

Bellfor Anti-Grasmilben (Anti-Grass Mite) Spray ensures effective long-term protection (approx. 6 hours) against grass mites.

Recommended use:

Spray 1 to 2x daily over a large area on coat and skin. Do not use on injured skin.

Moisten the coat evenly and massage in a little. Avoid mouth and eye area.

Only use externally. Shake before use! No side effects are known.

Note: Store in a cool and dark place.

from £17.15 85.02 £ / 1 L
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Grass mites or autumn grass mites are a common problem. The tiny ectoparasites live on grass and can infect our fdog friends when they are having a walk.

Autumn grass mite infestation causes severe itching in affected dogs. Excessive scratching can also cause wounds and skin infections. For this reason, it is important to do something about the grass mites promptly or, ideally, to prevent infestation of your dog from the outset.

There are numerous products available to treat grass mites in dogs, from spot-ons to sprays. However, such mite protection is often associated with considerable health risks for humans and animals due to the active ingredients it contains.

You can rely on Bellfor anti-grass mite spray as a natural alternative. There are no side effects. The high lauric acid effectively helps to prevent grass mites in dogs.