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KI-JA-KO Wheatgerm 1 kg / 3mm + 500g (Gratis)

£14.17 £23.11
9.44 £ / 1 Kg
Shipping weight per piece: 1,500 g
  • Brand: KI-JA-KO
  • Product Code: 699503_Aktion
  • Availability: In Stock

KI-JA-KO Wheatgerm is a very high-quality special feed for koi, which is optimally suited for feeding in spring and autumn. Wheatgerm is a premium feed that keeps your koi in excellent condition. In addition to fish meal, vegetable proteins and cereals of excellent quality, it contains high levels of wheat germ. These ensure that the feed is well digested even at low water temperatures.

  • Ideal in cooler water due to a high wheat germ content
  • Easily digestible
  • Contains prebiotic fibre, inulin and organic acids
  • Supports high vitality
  • Koi - complete feed

Best before date / batch no.: see packaging

Registration number: DE 05166014713

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Not for human consumption.

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