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Saver set for effective and natural pond care by Aquaris

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Saver set for effective and natural pond care with Aquaris

In addition to high-quality fish food that is optimally adapted to the needs of your pond inhabitants, keeping the delicate ecosystem in your garden pond in balance is just as important for the healthy development of your fish.

To support you in this, we have put together a few selected pond care products from Aquaris, which you can order here as a discounted saver set.

Reliable support for the pond filter

Over time, numerous pollutants and harmful bacteria can build up in the water, which can have a negative impact on the health of your fish.

With our filter starter you can reliably counteract this problem. The natural pond care product ensures with a unique mixture of minerals as well as enzymes and microorganisms that pollutants and unwanted bacteria are broken down.

At the same time, the growth of useful filter bacteria is encouraged. This supports the filter and helps ensure that it can maintain its optimal cleaning performance for longer.

Stable water values without chemicals

Before you use our filter starter, you should first ensure that the carbonate hardness and the pH – parameters of the pond water have the correct values.

You can do this reliably with POND Stable pH / KH. This economical, chemical-free pond care product ensures stable water values, so that your pond inhabitants can benefit from permanently good living conditions.

Remove pond sludge without any chemicals

Fish excretions, dead aquatic plants and leaves from the environment settle on the ground. They decompose and over time form pond sludge, which clouds the pond and affects the water quality.

With our pond sludge remover, you can remove existing pond sludge and counteract the formation of new deposits.

In this way you ensure clear water and the prevention of putrefaction processes in your pond without using chemicals. This not only pays off visually, but also in terms of the well-being and health of your fish.

Order Aquaris economy set for natural pond cleaning at a special price

Aquaris pond care products do not contain any chemical agents and are also ideal for safe use in koi ponds and swimming ponds.

Order our natural pond care products as a set at a discounted price and trust the tried and tested products from Aquaris to maintain the water quality in the future.

Our saver set for natural pond cleaning at a glance:

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