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Dietary supplement for Dogs and Cats with Shiitake - Shiimun Immune Powder by Bellfor Dog Food - 120g

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Shipping weight per piece: 120 g
  • Brand: Marsapet
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Shiimun Immune with Shiitake provides your dog with valuable nutrients for strong defences and optimal vitality in everyday life

Shiimun Immune is a high-quality food supplement for dogs on a natural basis. The preparation in powder form convinces with an easy application and selected ingredients such as Shiitake mushrooms, which ensure optimal effectiveness.

This is what makes Shiimun Immune so special

As with all our products, at Shiimun Immune you can of course be sure that we pay all our attention to the quality of the raw materials used. Only in this way can we guarantee that your dog will tolerate Shiimun Immune optimally.

The special recipe of Shiitake, which has long been used in Asia to strengthen the immune system, and other natural ingredients ensure that Shiimun Immune can make a valuable contribution to your dog's strong defenses.

The composition of Shiimun Immune

Insect protein (30%): Proteins are indispensable for your dog's body and are needed, among other things, to defend against pathogens. Insect protein contains all essential amino acids and is particularly easy to digest.

Brewer's yeast (20%): Brewer's yeast is particularly rich in B vitamins, which stimulate the metabolism and activate your dog's defences. 

Shiitake (15%): Shiitake is often referred to as the king of medicinal mushrooms. In addition to a high content of amino acids, it also contains numerous vitamins and minerals. Thus the nutrient-rich mushrooms can make a valuable contribution to the strengthening of the immune system.

Turmeric (15%): The curcumin contained in turmeric can support the formation of T cells as part of the body's immune defence.

Spirulina (10%): Spirulina contains a multitude of valuable nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and proteins, which can contribute to a powerful immune system.

Echinacea purpurea (5%): Echinacea originates from North America. There it was already appreciated by the American natives for its positive effect on the immune system.

Ginseng (5%): Traditional Chinese medicine has been using ginseng for around 2,000 years. The root is used there among other things to strengthen the immune system and as protection against harmful environmental influences.

That is why you make a good choice with Shiimun Immune

A functioning immune system ensures that your dog feels well and rarely falls ill. A weakened immune system, on the other hand, leads to an increased susceptibility to infections and can manifest itself in the form of numerous minor and major complaints.

With Shiimun Immune, we have developed a dietary supplement especially for this purpose that helps you to effectively support the immune system of your four-legged friend with Shiitake and other natural ingredients. 

Because Shiimun Immune provides your dog with important nutrients he needs for a strong and functioning immune system. It can therefore be used not only to alleviate the general susceptibility to infections, but also for dogs that eat grass, for example, as well as for pseudo-pregnant bitches. 

The most important advantages of Shiimun Immune by Bellfor at a glance:

  • Rich in valuable nutrients
  • To support strong defenses
  • Without artificial additives
  • Easy to use 
  • Excellent digestibility
  • Natural ingredients in proven Bellfor quality
  • With ground Shiitake
  • Developed together with veterinarians
  • Suitable as food supplement for all dogs
The Shiimun mushrooms come from 100% controlled organic cultivation. These ingredients are therefore guaranteed free of any additives such as sugar, fats and meet all European requirements for pesticides. The quality of our products is regularly checked.

30% insect protein (ground), 20% brewer's yeast (ground), 15% shiitake (ground), 15% turmeric (ground), 10% spirulina (ground), 5% Echinacea purpurea (ground), 5% ginseng (ground).

Crude protein: 37.6%

crude fat: 6.48

Crude fibre: 3.96

Crude ash: 6.01%

< 2.5 kg: 0.5 teaspoon 2.5 - 5 kg: 1

Teaspoon 5 kg - 10 kg: 1.5

Teaspoon 10 kg - 20 kg: 2

Teaspoon 20 kg - 30 kg: 2.5

Teaspoon 30 kg - 40 kg: 3

Teaspoon From 40 kg: 1

teaspoon per additional 10 kg.

One teaspoon corresponds to approx. 3 g.

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