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Food supplement for cats with Shiitake - Shiimun Slim by I love my cat - 50g

313.24 £ / 1 Kg
Shipping weight per piece: 50 g

Shiimun Slim - natural diet powder for overweight cats

Complementary feed for cats

Especially indoor cats are very often overweight. Since being overweight not only restricts the quality of life of your house tiger, but also harms its health, it is important to ensure that its body weight is reduced in a timely manner.

We would like to support you in this. For this reason we have developed Shiimun Slim, a very well tolerated diet powder with natural ingredients.

How obesity can harm your cat

If your cat is too fat, sooner or later it will have serious consequences. Among other things, overweight causes limited mobility.

In addition, overweight affects your cat's life quality and very likely to shorten their life expectancy.

In order to prevent this, a timely diet with species-appropriate cat food and supportive nutritional supplements, such as those made possible by Shiimun Slim, is urgently recommended.

Why Shiimun Slim is the right choice for cats on a diet

We always make sure that the ingredients contained in our products are of high quality and easily digestible. Our diet powder Shiimun Slim is of course no exception.

Thanks to its carefully balanced composition of natural, premium quality ingredients, you can be sure that Shiimun Slim is ideal as a support for your cat's diet.

Psyllium husks (50%)

Since psyllium husks swell in your cat's stomach, they will help improve satiety. In addition, they promote a healthy intestinal flora and thus contribute to the fact that your four-legged friend's body absorbs fewer calories from its food. In addition, psyllium husks have a high fiber content.

Shiitake powder (25%)

Shiitake are considered the kings among the medicinal mushrooms in Asia. Their consumption is said to have a number of positive effects on health.

For this reason, shiitake powder is ideally suited to support the weight-reducing effect of Shiimun Slim.

Maitake powder (15%)

Similar to Shiitake, Maitake has been used as an edible and medicinal mushroom in China and Japan for thousands of years. Its many advantages have already been examined in more detail in numerous studies.

Thanks to its high nutritional content, the maitake powder contained in Shiimun Slim can make an important contribution to permanent and healthy weight loss.

Nettle herb (5%)

Nettle herb is characterized by its draining and purifying effect. It also boosts the fat metabolism and is therefore an important ingredient in our natural diet powder for cats.

Spirulina (3%)

Spirulina are known for their exceptionally high protein content. As an ingredient in Shiimun Slim, they ensure a satiating effect and help prevent food cravings in your four-legged friend.

Catnip (2%)

There is probably no cat who can resist the smell and taste of catnip. As an ingredient in Shiimun Slim for cats, it ensures optimal acceptance.

Shiimun Slim helps your cat to achieve the ideal weight

Shiimun Slim offers a unique combination of high quality, natural ingredients. With our diet powder you are choosing an effective dietary supplement that optimally supports balanced and needs-based feeding.

A dietary supplement with Shiimun Slim is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • For indoor cats that are too fat due to a lack of exercise
  • For neutered cats who are known to be overweight to be a common problem

A four-week cure with Shiimun Slim as well as a five percent reduction in the daily amount of food ensure rapid and permanent weight loss, so that your cat soon regains its ideal weight.

30 days trial period

We are convinced of its effectiveness - that's why we give a 30-day money-back guarantee on Shiimun Slim.

Please note that at least 30% of the original package content must be left and that any return costs incurred are excluded from the reimbursement.

50% psyllium husks, 25% shiitake (ground), 15% maitake (ground), 5% nettle herb (ground), 5% spirulina (powder), 1% catnip (ground).

Crude protein: 13.60%

Crude fat: 1.83%

Crude fiber: 41.26%

Crude ash: 4.86%

The intake should initially be designed for a period of four weeks. In combination with a reduction of the food quantity by five percent, Shiimun Slim ensures a fast and sustainable weight loss and contributes decisively to your cat soon regaining its ideal weight.

 < 2,5 kg  0,5 AL + 10ml water
 2,5 kg to 5 kg  1 AL + 20ml water
 5 kg to 7,5 kg  1,5 AL + 30ml water
 7,5 kg to 9 kg  2 AL + 40ml water

Add 20ml water per application spoon (AL) and leave to swell for 5 minutes.

From 9 kg weight: 1 AL per 5kg extra. One application spoon corresponds to approx. 1g

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