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Sustainable Pet Food in Premium Quality

Sustainable pet food in premium quality

Sustainability and environmental protection are important to more and more people. Many pet food manufacturers have long been aware of this fact and have therefore developed insect-based pet food just like we have.

Although we welcome this in principle, a closer look at the recipes often shows that the quality of many products is only partially convincing.

Because unfortunately, the use of various low-quality ingredients and a decidedly low insect protein content are often the reality. Just because a food is marketed with buzzwords like sustainable or healthy, it is not necessarily inherently a good choice.

High proportion of insect protein

Both dogs and cats depend on their food to provide them with the animal proteins they need. If a food contains too few animal components, it can have fatal consequences for your pet’s health in the long run.

This applies to pet food with meat or fish as well as foods with insect protein. Protecting the environment is not our only priority; of course, we also want to ensure that dogs and cats are fed in a manner appropriate to their species.

For this reason, our insect-based pet food contains a high proportion of insect protein from the larvae of Hermetia illucens, while we avoid inferior protein sources such as dried chicken protein.

Natural ingredients for high product quality

We believe that insect protein can only be a sensible alternative for feeding dogs and cats if the food contains only high-quality, natural ingredients.

For this reason, our insect-based products naturally meet the same high-quality standards as our conventional varieties. We avoid both vegetable and animal by-products as well as cereals, preservatives and artificial flavourings.

Instead, we use carefully selected ingredients in our insect protein pet food that do not compromise the excellent digestibility of this innovative protein source. We have worked closely with our expert team of veterinarians and nutritionists to develop our insect-based products, so you can be sure our highly digestible recipes will meet your needs.

Feeding according to needs and sustainably

With our insect-based pet food we enable quality-conscious pet owners to feed a species-appropriate and balanced diet, which at the same time contributes to environmental relief and can reduce the carbon pawprint of dogs and cats.