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High-quality fish food for aquarium fish

Offer: High Quality Ornamental Fish Food Pack from AQUARIS


Product Code: 120200

£19.74 £21.79
43.39 £ / 1 Kg

Premium quality ornamental fish food from Aquaris 

Clean water alone is not enough for your aquarium fish. The residents of your aquarium also need the right food in the right amount.

If you have several different fish species with different nutritional needs, nutrition can be a problem.

To support you in feeding your ornamental fish appropriately, we have put together a special savings set with high-quality ornamental fish food from Aquaris.

Aquaris flakes for aquarium inhabitants

Aquaris flakes are ideal for ornamental fish. The food provides your aquarium inhabitants with all the important nutrients they need. Since Aquaris flakes are easy to digest, the water does not cloud.

Aquaris Bottom tablets for healthy and vital ornamental fish

Aquaris Bottom tablets are a high quality complete feed for all ornamental fish. The tablets provide your fish with all the essential nutrients in the right amount and thus make a decisive contribution to more vitality and healthy growth. At the same time, you can be sure that Aquaris Bottom tablets will not affect water quality.

Aquaris Green Chips for herbivorous aquarium fish

Aquaris Green Chips are the ideal for the herbivorous inhabitants of your aquarium. The nutritional composition of this premium fish food is perfectly matched to the nutritional needs of many catfish species and enables you to feed them without unnecessarily polluting the water.

Buy Aquaris ornamental fish food in a savings set at The Zoo Expert

Order high-quality ornamental fish food from Aquaris directly from The Zoo Expert shop and benefit from first-class product quality and low prices. 

We are sure that Aquaris products will make satisfy both you and your aquarium fish.

The savings set with ornamental fish food from Aquaris at a glance:

  • Aquaris flakes 1000 ml
  • Aquaris Bottom 250 ml
  • Aquaris Green Chips 250 ml

Offer: High Quality Ornamental Fish Food Pack from AQUARIS
£19.74 £21.79 43.39 £ / 1 Kg
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Buy Aquaris ornamental fish food online

For the health of your aquarium fish, in addition to the correct water values, it goes without saying that feeding according to their needs is of decisive importance. With ornamental fish food from Aquaris, you are choosing high-quality products for this purpose, with which you will succeed in providing optimum care for your aquarium inhabitants.

High quality fish food for demanding aquarium owners

As an aquarium owner, you invest a lot of time and effort in caring for your aquarium and the fish living in it. Apart from regular cleaning of the tank, it is particularly important that you take the special needs of your aquarium fish into account when feeding them.

This is no problem with the special nutritional concept from Aquaris. Carefully selected raw materials and gentle manufacturing processes guarantee a high product quality as well as an optimal nutrient composition, which makes our ornamental fish food the perfect choice for feeding your fish according to their needs.

Aquaris fish food for different fish species

There is a great variety of aquarium fish. For the health and well-being of the aquatic inhabitants, it is therefore not enough to simply pay attention to good quality food. It is also important to ensure that the fish food optimally meets the needs of the respective fish species.

For this reason, you will find a selection of different types to choose from in the Aquaris ornamental fish food range. These include, for example, high-quality flake food, bottom tablets for catfish or special food for discus fish. This way you can always offer your aquarium fish the right food and make a decisive contribution to the health and well-being of the animals.

Of course, regardless of the exact variety, you can be sure that the fish food from Aquaris leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality. All feed types are characterised by their excellent digestibility. This means that the water quality is not unnecessarily polluted, which of course also benefits the inhabitants of your aquarium. We therefore have no doubt that you will be completely satisfied with Aquaris fish food.