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Natural care for ornamental fish from Aquaris

AQUARIS Aqua Flora - plant fertilizer - 250 ml


Product Code: 130104

24.67 £ / 1 L

AQUARIS AQUA FLORA - High-quality fertilizer for aquarium plants - optimal nutrient supply for healthy growth

AQUA FLORA by AQUARIS: high-quality fertilizer for optimal growth of your aquarium plants

Aquarium plants are essential in an aquarium. In order for the plants to grow, they need the right nutrients. With the AQUARIS AQUA FLORA fertilizer, providing nutrients to the aquatic plants in your aquarium is not a problem.


AQUARIS AQUA FLORA is a high-quality fertilizer for aquatic plants. The composition of the fertilizer has been carefully tailored to the needs of aquarium plants. AQUA FLORA by AQUARIS contains essential trace elements and other valuable nutrients to reliably support the healthy growth of the plants. At the same time, thanks to the well-thought-out formula, it is ensured that the delicate ecosystem in the aquarium remains balanced and the well-being of the aquarium fish is not compromised.

Why AQUA FLORA by AQUARIS is the right choice

  • Optimal nutrient supply: AQUARIS AQUA FLORA contains all the nutrients and trace elements that aquatic plants need for healthy and robust growth.
  • Proven effectiveness: AQUARIS AQUA FLORA has been developed and tested by our experts with great care to ensure a high effectiveness of the aquatic plant fertilizer.
  • Balanced ecosystem: The carefully balanced composition ensures that the fertilizer does not disrupt the aquarium ecosystem.
  • Highly economical: 250 ml of the aquatic plant fertilizer is sufficient for 2,500 liters of aquarium water with a single application.
  • Easy application: AQUARIS AQUA FLORA is simply added to the aquarium water in the appropriate dosage.

AQUARIS AQUA FLORA: proven quality from Germany

With AQUARIS AQUA FLORA, you are choosing a high-quality fertilizer for aquatic plants from a manufacturer in Germany. High production standards and regular quality controls ensure that you can rely on safety and quality. With AQUA FLORA by AQUARIS, you are providing the aquatic plants in your aquarium with all the essential nutrients for healthy growth.


Add 10 ml of AQUARIS AQUA FLORA aquatic plant fertilizer per 100 liters of water to the aquarium every week.

£6.16 24.67 £ / 1 L

AQUARIS Bactero Start - Bacterial Cultures - 250 ml


Product Code: 130103

24.67 £ / 1 L

AQUARIS BAKTERO START - Bacterial Cultures for the Aquarium - Optimal Water Conditions for Healthy Aquarium Fish

AQUARIS BAKTERO START: Bacterial Cultures for a Functioning Ecosystem in the Aquarium

An aquarium is a tiny ecosystem where not only fish and plants live but also countless beneficial microorganisms. The delicate balance can be disrupted for various reasons. With AQUARIS BAKTERO START, you can prevent this and significantly contribute to a functional ecosystem in the aquarium.


AQUARIS BAKTERO START contains bacterial cultures. The product contains at least 100 million of these beneficial microorganisms per milliliter. BAKTERO START quickly transforms tap water into fish-friendly water after a water change.

The bacterial cultures naturally break down ammonia and nitrite. BAKTERO START improves the filtration result, extends the cleaning intervals of the filter, and enhances the long-term biological self-cleaning of the aquarium.


  • Functioning Ecosystem: With a minimum of 100 million bacterial cultures per milliliter, the delicate ecosystem in the aquarium remains balanced reliably.
  • High Effectiveness: We developed and extensively tested AQUARIS BAKTERO START with veterinarians to ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • Excellent Quality: Strict controls during manufacturing and high-quality raw materials ensure reliable safety and consistent quality.
  • Easy Application: To unleash its effects, AQUARIS BAKTERO START is simply added to the water in the desired dosage.
  • Highly Economical: Depending on the intended use, 250 ml is sufficient to treat 1,250 to 2,500 liters of water.

BAKTERO START from AQUARIS: Quality from Germany

AQUARIS BAKTERO START is a high-quality product for aquarium care from a German manufacturer. Production follows the highest standards. Regular quality checks ensure that you can rely on the safety and effectiveness of AQUARIS BAKTERO START.


During the initial setup of your aquarium, add 20 ml of AQUARIS BAKTERO START per 100 liters of water to the aquarium weekly for three weeks. After a water change, filter cleaning, or the use of medication, 10 ml per 100 liters are sufficient. For optimal results, we recommend a combined application of AQUARIS BAKTERO START and CLEAR WATER.

£6.16 24.67 £ / 1 L

AQUARIS Clear Water - Water Conditioner - 250 ml


Product Code: 130101

24.67 £ / 1 L

AQUARIS CLEAR WATER - Removal of Pollutants after Water Change - for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

AQUARIS CLEAR WATER eliminates pollutants in aquarium water after a water change

Regular water changes are essential to maintain good water quality in the aquarium over the long term. However, the tap water used for this purpose can contain various pollutants that can harm the aquarium fish. With AQUARIS CLEAR WATER, these pollutants can be reliably removed.


AQUARIS CLEAR WATER ensures that tap water is prepared in a way that is suitable for fish and plants. This high-quality product for aquarium care binds harmful chlorine and heavy metals in tap water. In this way, the sensitive mucous membranes of the aquarium fish are optimally protected.

In addition, AQUARIS CLEAR WATER contains a vitamin B complex that reduces the stress susceptibility of aquarium inhabitants. Use AQUARIS CLEAR WATER after each water change to support the biological balance of microorganisms in the aquarium and promote the well-being of your aquarium fish.

Why AQUARIS CLEAR WATER is the right choice

  • Vitamin B Complex: The special vitamin B complex in AQUARIS CLEAR WATER makes a valuable contribution to the stress resistance of aquarium fish.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Like all AQUARIS products, CLEAR WATER has been developed with veterinarians and extensively tested to ensure optimal effectiveness.
  • High Quality: High-quality raw materials from selected suppliers and strict controls throughout the production process ensure consistently high quality.
  • Freshwater and Saltwater: AQUARIS CLEAR WATER is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Very Economical: 250 ml of the product is sufficient to treat 1,000 liters of tap water for the aquarium during a water change.

AQUARIS CLEAR WATER: Quality from Germany

With AQUARIS CLEAR WATER, you are choosing a high-quality product from a German manufacturer for aquarium care. Like all AQUARIS care products, CLEAR WATER is produced according to the highest standards. Regular checks ensure high quality and optimal safety. You can therefore rely on AQUARIS CLEAR WATER to make a significant contribution to optimal living conditions for the fish in your aquarium.


After a water change, add 25 ml of AQUARIS CLEAR WATER directly to the aquarium for every 100 liters of fresh tap water. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend combined use with AQUARIS BACTERIA START.

£6.16 24.67 £ / 1 L
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For the well-being of the water inhabitants, it’s not enough to set up the aquarium, fill it with water and then leave it. Even high-quality ornamental fish food can sometimes not prevent the sensitive ecosystem from becoming out of balance and from excessive algae building up in the aquarium.

If you want to make sure that your fish are doing well, you need to take care of the tank as well. Aquatic plants need fertilizers from time to time to be supplied with important nutrients and to grow better. 

High quality aquarium care products from Aquaris

The Aquaris range offers you exactly the products you need to take care of your aquarium and maintain its biological balance. With Aquaris you can easily remove algae or support the growth of your aquatic plants.

The Aquaris range for aquarium maintenance at a glance:

  • Aquaris Aqua Flora for an optimal nutrient supply to your aquatic plants
  • Aquaris bactero start for a functioning ecosystem in the aquarium
  • Aquaris Clear Water for the removal of pollutants
  • Aquaris algae stop for biological algae control

The Aquaris quality promise

All Aquaris products are characterized by their well thought-out composition and high quality raw materials.

You can therefore rest assured that you will not get any surprises when taking care of your aquarium and that the well-being of your ornamental fish will not be compromised.

Buy aquarium maintenance products online

The best easiest way to buy Aquaris aquarium care products is to buy them from our shop. Benefit from good quality at affordable prices and have your order conveniently delivered to your home.