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Freeze-Snacks from Bellfor: special treats for special dogs

Freeze-Snack for dogs - Chicken Hea..

Product Code: 28538

13.06 GBP / 100 g

Bellfor Freeze-Snacks made from freeze-dried chicken hearts as a healthy treat for demanding dog

Freeze-Snack for dogs - Chicken Hea..
£6.00 13.06 GBP / 100 g

Freeze-Snack for dogs - Lamb Lung w..

Product Code: 28539

14 GBP / 100 g

Bellfor Freeze-Snacks with freeze-dried lamb lung and blueberries as healthy treats for your dog

Freeze-Snack for dogs - Lamb Lung w..
£6.43 14 GBP / 100 g
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Freeze-Snacks from Bellfor: special treats for special dogs

As a dog owner you are certainly aware that dog treats are an integral part of your dog's daily routine. At the same time you probably value healthy dog food as much as we do, and you want to be sure that your dog's treats leave nothing to be desired with regards to their quality.

If this is the case, our Freeze-Snacks are ideal for you, as the little delicacies consist of exclusively natural human-grade ingredients, which ensure that you reward your dog in a healthy and appropriate way.

Why our snacks for dogs are extra special

We at Bellfor have always made it our priority to use only wholesome and premium quality ingredients for our products. This is not only the case for our dog food, but also for our treats. Bellfor Freeze-Snacks are unique dog treats made from selected freeze-dried ingredients.

You won't find low-grade ingredients, such as grain and artificial additives, on the list of ingredients of our Freeze-Snacks.

You can therefore rest assured that these freeze-dried delicacies are rich in nutrients and that they provide your dog with an additional amount of animal protein. The treats which are low in carbohydrates are therefore ideal to supplement your four-legged friend's diet in a healthy way.

Why Freeze-Snacks from Bellfor are perfect treats

Every dog is delighted when it can enjoy a couple of small bites between meals. In addition, high-quality snacks are indispensable for motivating dogs when training.

A good dog treat should be made according to a balanced recipe, and only consist of ingredients that are suitable for dogs. The treat should also be rather small in size, so that training is not interrupted for too long by the dog eating it.

Freeze-Snacks from Bellfor are characterised by the use of exclusively natural ingredients. In combination with the gentle freeze-drying, this makes the product particularly rich in nutrients.

Our Freeze-Snacks are available either with chicken hearts or with lamb lung and blueberries. These little delicacies are not only tasty; they are also the perfect size to reward your dog with something special between meals, or to motivate it while training.

Why don't you try for yourself? We are convinced that your dog will not be able to resist our delicious snacks made from carefully freeze-dried ingredients.

Advantages of our high-quality Freeze-Snacks at a glance:

  • Made from carefully selected, human-grade ingredients
  • Free from grain and artificial additives
  • Low in carbohydrates dog treats
  • A high animal protein content
  • Especially nutritious thanks to gentle freeze-drying
  • Excellent taste that convinces even picky dogs

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