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Savings set for cats with giardia - 18 tins of wet food with turkey and salmon 100g + Vermal Powder 35g + 1 Jute bag by I love my cat

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Savings set for cats with Giardia

Giardia is a widespread problem in cats. In particular, they lead to massive diarrhoea and can cause serious damage in the long run.

With our economy set for cats with Giardia you have the possibility to counteract the annoying intestinal parasites in a natural way.

Giardia are widespread in cats

Giardia are tiny intestinal parasites. They are found practically all over the world and cause severe diarrhoea, loss of appetite and weight loss in affected animals.

In the long term, untreated infestation with Giardia can have fatal consequences and become very dangerous, especially for young animals.

Low-carbohydrate wet food made from natural ingredients

In order to multiply in the cat's intestines, Giardia needs carbohydrates. During treatment it is therefore very important to switch to a cat food that is as low in carbohydrates as possible.

Our tasty wet food with turkey and salmon is therefore just right for you. The food contains only natural ingredients and provides your four-legged friend with all important nutrients in a digestible way.

At the same time it contains only a few carbohydrates, so that the giardia are deprived of their nutritional basis and can no longer reproduce uncontrollably.

Vermal Powder for an intestinal environment hostile to giardia

In addition to a low-carbohydrate diet, it is necessary to provide for an intestinal environment that is hostile to giardians. This is best achieved with our Vermal Powder. The natural worming treatment contributes in a gentle way to making life difficult for the giardia in your cat's intestines.

In contrast to many other preparations which often rely on chemical agents to treat intestinal parasites, you do not have to fear an unnecessary strain on your cat's health or the development of resistance when using Vermal powder.

This is because the natural ingredients of the powder, such as coconut flour and wormwood, are very well tolerated by your cat and therefore represent the ideal alternative against giardia.

Our saving set for cats with giardia at a glance:

  • 18 tins of wet food with turkey and salmon
  • 35 g Vermal powder for cats
  • 1 jute bag from I love my cat
  • 10 % discount on your next purchase

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