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Grain-free dry cat food

Dry Cat Food with Insect Protein - ..

Product Code: 25003

from £12.44
13.53 GBP / 1 kg

Grain-free dry cat food - food for adult cats

The high-quality dry food from I Love My Ca

Dry Cat Food with Insect Protein - ..

from £12.44 13.53 GBP / 1 kg
from £12.44 13.53 GBP / 1 kg

Grain Free Cat Food with Salmon - 1..

Product Code: 25002

from £8.15
9.13 GBP / 1 kg

Grain free dry cat food for adult cats

With I Love My Cat salmon dry food, you can rely o

from £8.15 9.13 GBP / 1 kg

Grain Free Dry Cat Food with Chicke..

Product Code: 25001

from £8.24
8.46 GBP / 1 kg

I Love My Cat - Grain Free Cat Food

I Love My Cat dry food with chicken is a premium qual

from £8.24 8.46 GBP / 1 kg
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Our high-quality, grain-free dry cat food helps you to optimally support the vitality and well-being of your friend.

By choosing I Love My Cat,  the grain-free dry cat food, you ensure that your cat gets the right amount of all the necessary nutrients.

Why grain-free dry food for cats is the right choice

Cats have always been carnivores. This means that their digestive system and teeth are designed to utilize animal fats and proteins. Therefore it’s vital that dry cat food should always be grain-free and high in animal proteins and fats.

Unfortunately many manufacturers rely on grains and add them in their dry cat foods to keep the costs down. Grains are often the main ingredient especially in inexpensive products. But even with supposedly high-quality dry food, it’s not uncommon for grains to be high in the list of ingredients.

Grains, such as wheat, are not suitable for your cat, because their digestive system is not able to digest grains properly.

A grain-free dry food for cats helps you to avoid this and helps you to make sure your friend gets all the necessary nutrients. 

I Love My Cat - premium quality grain free dry cat food

Do not compromise on the quality and opt for I Love My Cat, the grain-free dry food for cats. I Love My Cat is made of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients by using gentle cooking and preparation methods that help preserve valuable nutrients. 

The grain-free dry food for cats is currently available in the following varieties:

  • Grain-free dry cat food with chicken
  • Grain-free dry cat food with salmon
  • Grain-free dry cat food with insect protein (ideal for animals with food allergies)

The most important advantages of grain-free dry cat food at a glance:

  • Rich in animal proteins and fats
  • Better digestibility thanks to the absence of grain
  • With valuable omega-3 fats
  • Vegetables and fruits as sources of carbohydrates
  • Appropriate dry cat food for a better well-being
  • Available in three tasty varieties
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers 
  • Optimal composition for a strong immune system
  • Easily digestible and compatible with the kidneys
  • Perfect for good skin and fur texture
  • With important nutrients for bone stability

I Love My Cat dry food for cats at The Zoo Expert

I Love My Cat dry food tastes good and does your cat good. Order the variety of your choice conveniently from our shop and benefit from high quality products, short delivery times and low prices.

The 360° vital concept with selected ingredients ensures an incomparable taste and an optimal nutrient supply. Thanks to the natural, raw ingredients, our cat food is easy to digest and contains all the valuable nutrients. The special composition of our 360° vital concept supports healthy digestion and kidney function, promotes bone stability and strengthens the immune system. It also helps your cat to have healthy skin and a soft and shiny coat. 

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