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Zooexperte: high-quality pet food from Marsapet

Marsapet is your high quality pet food expert. We are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience.

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The quality promise of "The Zoo Expert"

Our products, such as:

✓  Bellfor – Grain Free Dog Food

✓  I love my cat – Grain Free Cat Food

✓  Aquaris – Fish Food

✓  Aquaris – Pond Fish Food

✓  Aquaris – Turtle Food

✓  KI JA KO –  Premium Koi Food

✓  Marsavet –  Care products for dogs, cats, fish, rodents, and horses

are registered trademarks of the company Marsapet.

Strict controls and high standards in the production and selection of our raw material suppliers have always guaranteed first-class product quality.

Our goal is that your dogs, cats, fish and turtles are full and get to eat healthy and nutritious food. All of our ingredients are only purchased from GMP-certified and regional manufacturers. Marsapet does not use animal testing in the production of its pet foods.

Grain-free dog food, grain-free cat food and koi food were developed in cooperation with veterinarians, veterinary practitioners and breeders.

The Marsapet range currently includes the following products:

Bellfor logo         ✓  Bellfor – grain-free dog food with a meat or fish content of 70%.
        ✓  Bellfor –  grain-free wet food for dogs
        ✓  Bellfor - grain-free snacks for dogs
        ✓  Bellfor - high quality food supplements for dogs
        ✓  Bellfor - sensible care products for dogs

Bellfor's dog food, snacks, care products and nutritional supplements are made of insect proteins: the black soldier fly larvae.

ILMC logo


•  I love my cat - grain-free cat food with a high fish or meat content. Fresh fish and meats, healthy vegetables, and fresh fruit make I love my cat an irresistible and healthy cat food.

I Love My Cat is a grain-free dry cat food that is made of the larvae of the black soldier fly, an insect protein. The grain-free cat food with insect protein is hypoallergenic and therefore has a very low allergy potential. No antibiotics are used in raising the larvae.

Aquaris logo

  •  Aquarisfish flakes for all freshwater fish, tablets for catfishes and loaches, sticks for large perches, aquarium fish food for cichlids.

   •  Aquaris  - fish food for pond fishes, such as the popular goldfish and shubunkin. The Aquaris range for pond fish also contains special foods for sturgeons and the famous koi fish.

  •  Aquaris – reptile food for turtles and other reptiles.

kijako logo

KI JA KO-Premium Koi food –   Japanese koi are the kings of garden ponds. Koi fish need particularly high quality koi food which does not pollute and cloud the pond water.

KI JA KO - Premium Koi food is available in different, large grain sizes and suitable for every season:

        ✓ KI JA KO Wheatgerm – Premium Koi food especially for spring and autumn

        ✓ KI JA KO Staple – Premium Koi food Complete food for year-round feeding of the Koi

        ✓ KI JA KO Health – Premium Koi food supports the health of the koi

        ✓ KI JA KO Color – Premium Koi food for better pigmentation of the koi

        ✓ KI JA KO Spirulina – Premium Koi food is a color-enhancing koi food

        ✓ KI JA KO Super Mix – the wellness food for all koi

        ✓ KI JA KO Snack – the delicacy for the koi

        ✓ KI JA KO Baby – the ideal start for young koi

Choose from 250 different products for dogs, cats or fish:

        ✓ Grain free dog food
        ✓ Grain free cat food
        ✓Aquarium fish food
        ✓ Pond fish food
        ✓ Turtle food

We ensure your pet food is completely risk-free. We work with Trusted Shops and also offer you a 60-day test period in case you are not satisfied with our products.

Buy pet food directly from the Marsapet shop and benefit from first-class quality and excellent service. We will ship your order within 24 hours. Deliver is free of charge for orders over 89 GBP.

We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are sure that you and your pets will be happy too. Give us a try and order your products today.